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The Texas Deer Breeding Industry was still in the early stages of development in the 1990s.  The supply of deer available for purchase inside the state was limited.  At that time, deer farms in northern states were more prevalent, and antler producing genetics were already impressive in those locations.  As a result, many Texas breeders purchased deer from northern bloodlines to supplement their stock in Texas.

The Texas deer industry grew at a rapid rate as these early blooming genetics were propagated through a large portion of Texas breeding operations.  These momentous gains came with a price.  The survivability of breeder deer, particularly in the southern areas of the state of Texas, was dramatically affected by the influence of the northern strains.  The two major factors were disease resistance and the inability of the northern strains to physically handle the difficult environmental conditions of south Texas.

“By the toll of a billion deaths Texas deer have bought their birthright in this harsh environment, and it is theirs against all comers.”

- Adaptation of H.G.Wells, The War of the Worlds


Our mission, and the mission of our clients, is dedicated to proliferating true Texas bloodlines in breeding operations for the purpose of stocking Texas ranches.

• 20+ years of experience stocking Texas ranches
• Improved survivability compared to northern crosses
• Raised in south Texas to meet the challenges of the south Texas environment


Our Texas genetics are tough!  If our deer cannot do well in a breeder environment, how could you expect them to thrive on your ranch?  We utilize breeders which have had good longevity in pens, as many of our clients want to see their bucks progress to older age classes than three years old.

We don’t have the significant issues with EHD or Bluetongue mortalities as many other breeders do. We don’t utilize heavy vaccinations or medications. Pasture deer won’t get these treatments, and neither will the products of our operations.

We are proud of our herds and look forward to helping you develop your own ranch with the help of TEXAS deer.


The reputation of the deer industry amongst the outdoor community is one of “soft”  animals which cannot survive in the wild.  Many Texas breeding operations maintain a business plan of farming deer.  They raise them up to a particular age in an artificial environment with heavy vaccinations and medications.  The bucks are turned out to pasture and harvested quickly…as the survival rates are very low past 90 days.

We don’t raise our deer for farms.  We raise our deer for ranches.  Our business model supports landowners which want to stock their ranches with deer that will be there for generations… not bucks that will be turned out and harvested within 30 days.

We advise our customers to release deer to pasture when they are young and we encourage our customers to release deer in the spring, when environmental conditions are most conducive to deer acclimating to the pasture.

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